Injection Plastic Mould Case

Funnel plastic injection mould

  • Pre-Analysis on product drawing
  • Choose suitable mould material based on quantities/requirement need
  • Ensure precise tolerance and good quality

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Before Mould-Making:

After having the design 3D drawings, we will make a thorough analysis to evaluate its mould-making method based on your requirements, to find if the design needs any improvement for better production to avoid shrinkage/undercut/etc problems.

The following information is requested before mould-making:

1. Parts Design Drawing, better in 3D drawing, if not, 1pcs sample is acceptable;

2. Specified plastic material, or we can suggest the suitable material after knowing its usage conditions.

3. Estimate Production quantities

Mould-Making Process:


1. Mould DFM Analysis


2. Mould Design


3. Mould Material Preparation


4. CNC machining


5. EDM Machining


6. Grinding&Drilling Machining


7. wire EDM maching


8. mould aftet treatment


9. Mould Assembly

After mould is finished:


1. Mould trial


2. Sample Approval


3. Injection Production


4. Prodcuts Inspection


5. Ready for Shipment


6. Mould Storage&Maintenance


1, Q: How do I know if injection molding is the suitable and right process for my product?
   A: The part’s geometry, the quantity need, project budget and the application the part is being used for are the factors to decide this.

2, Q:  How long does it take to make an injection mold?
    A: 4-8 weeks on average, depending on the mold’s complexity and size.

3, Q: Do you offer short or long production runs?
    A: We offer both high and low volume production runs for customized products at any scale.

4, Q: Who own the mold?
    A: Who pay the mold price who has the right to own it. As a supplier, we will help to store and maintain the finished mold safe until its shoting life comes to the end.

5,Q: How should I get started?
   A: Just send us your files, we accept a variety of CAD formats and can even start to work from sketches, models or pre-existing parts.
To learn more about our services or how you can get started on your own project, contact our team today.