• Xiamen Ruicheng Set Up Its Own Assembly Line

    Xiamen Ruicheng Set Up Its Own Assembly Line

    The development of the company cannot be separated from the support of customers, maintaining the interests of customers, meeting the needs of customers and respecting the choice of customers is the way of survival of the enterprise. Grow with customers, work hand in hand with customers,seek comm...
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  • Xiamen Ruicheng Group Activities

    Xiamen Ruicheng Group Activities

    In order to create a passionate, responsible and happy working atmosphere, so that we can better put into the next work . Xiamen Ruicheng organize a group building activities on June 6, 2021,aimed at enriching the life of the staff in addition to further strengthen team ...
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  • New equipment, New development

    New equipment, New development

    The equipment becomes an important symbol of the scale and modernization level of the enterprise, and advanced equipment is an important part of the enterprise. Since its inception, Xiamen Ruicheng has continued to improve its own strength, and actively introduce advanced production equipment in ...
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