TPU And PC Two Plastic Injection Overmolding Sport Accessories

avity 1*1
Tolerance 0.05-0.1
Mold life 200K-500K
Technology Injection overmolding
Material (PC+fiber)+TPU
Surface treatment Texture
Net weight 400g
Package Carton

Product Details




The product is wheel of tennis serving machine. We help client develop all the items of this machine (more than 20+ plastic&metal part) manufacturing.

Our Analysis

After having a full analysis on how this mahcine and this part work, we think this product need to to realize the high-speed rotation function and with hard inside and soft outside, wear-resistant performance. So we suggest to manufacture the product by TPU overmolding the PC material injected item.

Production represention

rthr (1)

1. Hard plastic PC injected

rthr (2)

2. Place the PC item in the mold


3. TPU overmolding process

rthr (6)

4. Overmolding finished


5. Inspection

rthr (4)

6. Products package