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Our diverse experience and CNC machine prototyping capabilities drives unexpected product.

The gap between a production design and a finished project can be vast. That is why it is always a necessary to make the rapid prototype before investing a new product design its batch production. To those parts that need to be functionally with high accuracy and tolerance, CNC machine prototyping is still the most commonly used and the best rapid prototyping method available. We don’t take a “one size fits all”approach, but to fill the approaches with quality, commitment, dedication, helping you to get the perfect CNC machine prototypes.



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What is CNC Machine Prototype?

Rapid prototype is the best way to get a detailed evaluation of your products before mass production begins. CNC Machine prototyping as an excellent choice by it could make little amounts of a prototype in a relatively short time with better tolerance and more functionally compared to other methods. And it is the best way to ensure you choose the right material and surface finish for your product before mass production tooling investment.

Now, CNC Machine prototypes is widely used for Medical industry, Automotive Industry, Aerospace Industry and Military and Defense Industry for these functional prototypes requiring strength, mechanical stability or other characteristics not afforded by other processes.

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Main Advantages of CNC Machining Prototypes

★ Wide variety of material choice. Either the metal material like aluminum, brass or stainless steel etc or the plastic material like ABS, PC and PMMA etc can be used for CNC machine prototyping to bring their material excellent  properties to make the finished prototypes functionally.

★  High Tolerance and accuracy. With the 5-axis CNC machine equipment are more popularly and commonly used, it becomes easier than conventional CNC machine to machine  products with shapes and features that is difficult.

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Why choose us as your custom CNC machine prototype manufacturer?

★ QUICK QUOTE: Instant quotations can be offered within 12hrs after having its 3D drawings. Any design improvements suggestion will be provided together for better CNC machine prototyping work.

★ PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERING SUPPORT:  Wherever you are, our professional engineering support  24/7 can be offered, who can provide you with the most suitable machine solution to your parts design, material selection and surface treatment finish option and even its lead time possibility.                   

★ HIGH QUALITY MACHINED PARTS: By passing ISO 9001 Quality Management System , we strictly implement it to make sure consistent and high quality of the products. Full inspection before the shipment is to ensure you are going to receive precise requested CNC machine prototyping parts.

★ FAST LEAD TIME: Except our quick ordering process that is to start the manufacturing work at once after having the final drawings, we have our own workshops with more than 12 sets of precision CNC machine with maximum one can fabricate the 1.6meters and state of  the art-machinery includes the advanced 5axis CNC machines, which can accelerate the production of your prototypes need to offer you the best lead time.

★ ALL-IN-ONE ORDER MANAGEMENT:  Our passionate and devoted sales /sales assistant offer what called All-in-one order management, from the quote until the order completed, we will manage it in our system to update you every of your order process includes its manufacturing process and shipment tracking.

There is nothing more satisfying than making something that matters.

We exist because CNC Machine prototypes are more than manufacturing, great and perfect CNC machine prototypes results from a balance of your communication and trust, our manufacturing capabilities, professional engineering knowledge and compliance with quality control and standards.

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