New equipment, New development

The equipment becomes an important symbol of the scale and modernization level of the enterprise, and advanced equipment is an important part of the enterprise. Since its inception, Xiamen Ruicheng has continued to improve its own strength, and actively introduce advanced production equipment in the industry, and constantly improve production capacity, improve product quality and shorten the delivery period.

New equipment, New development (3)

December 12, Xiamen Ruicheng continued to introduce new equipment, and then increase the new production line,to help the new development.

New equipment, New development (5)

Into the production workshop can see the new equipment has been basically installed, after the debugging of technical personnel, has entered the trial run stage, can greatly meet the needs of customers in the production of large parts.

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New equipment, New development (1)

Founded more than 20 years, Xiamen Ruicheng has grown to a full scale factory with over 16 injection machines of all sizes. Today, Xiamen Ruicheng has entered a stage of rapid development, as a well-known local enterprise, Xiamen Ruicheng will bear in mind the responsibility of a social enterprise, and constantly improve the production level to provide higher quality products, more comprehensive and intimate service to meet the needs of customers around the world personalized customized products.

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Post time: Jun-03-2019