Plastic Injection Parts

How are plastic injection parts made?

Plastic injection parts are made of thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers like ABS, PP, PC, PPS, PMMA, Nylon, PE and others by injection moldings.

Plastic Injection Parts1

Where are plastic parts used?

Plastic injection products are found everywhere. From car parts, electronic enclosures, sports equipment housing, pets toys, Christmas gifts, medical equipment, to kitchen appliance, etc.

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The advantages of plastic injection parts

  • Superior design flexibility
  • A wide range of materials
  • Excellent visual appearance.
  • Faster manufacturing times
  • Great repeatability and tolerances
  • Low cost per part

How it works

1.Share with us the 3D CAD and technical drawings, material, and other requirements you need.
2.Provide the best quotation and the suitable way for your design
3.Receive customer’s order to start mold layout design and mold material purchase.
4.Provide testing samples for customer checking, move on to mass production when get approval

Any questions, contact us to talk more.

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